Air Compressor

Trailed Air Compressor Can be fitted onto Tractor Rear hitch or behind Doda Pump (If Rear Hook i..


Slurry Kat 7.5m Dribble Bar

Designed to fit the rear of the tractor.(Plastic Resin Model fitted with some Metal parts and Rubber..


Slurry Kat Bak-Pak System 800m

SlurryKat Bak-Pak System 800m Fully Engraved Frame Complete with hose The Backpack fits ..


Slurry Kat FR400

SlurryKat FR400 Front Linkage Mounted Reel Comes complete with Pipe and Linkage A Frame(Plas..


Slurry Kat Single Jet Spreader

SlurryKat Single Jet SpreaderFits the rear of the tractor. Bak-Pak will fit onto this item.(Pla..


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